About Me

Welcome to WhatShouldIRead Blog! My name is Paula and as you might have guessed I created this blog so that I can write, review and discuss books that I read and share with fellow book lovers. I will try to post as often as I can, but please bear in mind that I work full-time and most of the time I spend at work. Hear are some bookish facts about me:

1. Harry Potter Fun

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and maybe for some it may seem a little crazy, but I do read the whole lot each year in Autumn/Winter season.

2. London Tube

Most of the books I read on my daily commute to work (Big thanks to London’s tube for all the signal failures, delays and other track related issues! You gave me a gift of the reading time).

3. Paper Copy Lover

I do not own eBooks; I prefer to hold the actual book in my hands and the older the better (there is something about the smell). I buy second-hand most of the time.

4. Besides Harry Potter

Apart from Harry Potter of course, I started to read loads of books about feminism and equality; and in general I enjoy contemporary, fiction and at times non-fiction.

You can contact me via email rychter.paula@gmail.com and you can also find me on Goodreads.

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